Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Evolution of Maturity and a High Status

It is believed that we first started from apes, that we used to travel around the world, jumping through-out trees and cleaning the bugs out of another's fur. However, as we have evolved, so have our minds, our skills, and most importantly, our maturity, or some would think. But it seems that the level of maturity that some people have are of a 5 year olds. Stuck up, Bitchy and just plain rude. You would think that by the age of 15 or so, people would start to get over the fighting and arguing for the status of "cool" or "popular" but it seems not. Even when people tell them how screwed up there future will be, they don't listen. 

What is more immature is how they disrupt another persons education or life to keep that so called "high" status. Whether they believe it or not, yelling out things in class that are absolutely pointless may seem funny the first or second time it is done, but once continuously repeated, it becomes annoying and useless, along with distracting. People pay to get an education, and whilst most do not appreciate it, those who do can't benefit from the constant arguing between the teacher and student.

But the most immature, and in my eyes, one of the lowest things to do, is to attempt to ruin ones happiness and enjoyment. I understand that arguing is healthy and without it in schools, people would go into the real world unprotected, but there is a line, and to cross that line is to dig yourself into a deeper hole of how low you are. For one to comment on another's weight or looks in a bad way is to show them disrespect, to tell someone they are stupid and useless is to show them disrespect, to treat someone like a slave, servant or puppet of yours is to show them disrespect, and to not have respect for another, shows that you want to be treated the same in which they are treated by you. And to do that, that is low.

So before you try and push someone around, or yell something out in class for a third or forth time, or even attempt to do something to keep your aforementioned "high and popular" status, stop and think about the status in which your maturity level is at.


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